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Some of our favorite resources for web design

The website for Steve Krug, author of one of our favorite books, Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usabiltiy. Steve spells out a lot of good sense about how to design a website where people can find what they need. We follow his advice wherever possible.

CSS Zen Garden

A beautiful website rich with inspirational design ideas for how to use cascading style sheets to control the look of a website. Cutting edge ideas for complying with webstandards and making sites accessible to all.

Web Standards Group

This group champions compliance with W3C guidelines. The result is cleaner code, quicker loading, more browser compatibility. If they could get those folks out in Washington to make their browsers compatible with the guidelines, all our lives would get easier...

Code validators

Did you know that there's a lot of faulty code out there on the web? It might look fine on your browser, but break down on other browsers, ones your target clientele may be using. Validating code is one way to head off such headaches. is where to go to validate your stylesheet. Validate your html at Check for compliance with accessibility guidelines with Bobby.

Local web community links


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