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Taking Our Clients' Websites to the Next Level

Prime Home Inspection Services, LLC

Gerald Siconolfi needed a simple site to make his services known to the world. Giving you the facts, straight and understandable.

Rochester Construction Training Center

This new nonprofit needed a website, so we gave them a simple WordPress site they can maintain themselves.

Yates Community Library

This library has a fresh inviting website that's easy for staff to update and maintain.  Library events are posted on the calendar and patrons can register online.  Library staff can email reminders to those registered, or emergency notifications if there are closures due to weather.  Staff can choose a variety of fields to require when patrons register, set registration limits, set when events will become visible on the calendar, when registration will be live to the public, print out sign-in sheets for events, and maintain waiting lists for popular programs.

The Weavers Guild already had a site when we met them.  It was made several years back, using an open source Content Management System that was one of many available, and a reasonable option.  However, since then the web has gone through some shakedowns, the CMS had fallen into disuse.  It had not been updated for recent versions of PHP and thus could not be ported to a new server.  The server it was on finally died.  We were able to rescue most of the content from google's caches and recreate it as a static site which the Guild can edit with Adobe Contribute. 

As a second step, we added ecommerce to the site, installing and configuring an online shop which allows Guild staff to upload courses several times per year and students to register for them and pay online.

Another library site--we love libraries.  The folks at Woodward wanted a slider on the homepage that they could update to promote their newest programs. And they wanted a separate but harmonizing design for the teens and children's sectons of the site. And online registration for all the library events. And integration with BookLetters which they use to update some of the pages and construct email newsletters for avid readers.

The Mussar Institute wanted a site to promote their new event.  We had them up and running in a couple of weeks. When your needs are well-defined and the group of people who has to approve things is small, things can happen so fast on the web! 


Rabbi Michael Lerner has been editing Tikkun Magazine for 25 years and building a network of like-minded people who share his vision. We redesigned the NSP website. Now it's powered by WordPress so that a team of activists can add content and keep it fresh.

William Glasner makes gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, hand carved art glass beads. We made an e-commerce site as beautiful as his beads. Now people who bought from him at festivals or shows and have received a million compliments on their jewelry can come back and buy gifts for their friends.

The law offices of Joseph C. Rinere and Joseph D. Rinere can now be found on the internet. For less than the price of a yellow-pages ad for a month, they are on the web all year round with a site that gives more information than the yellow pages ever could.

Friends of Educational Excellence is a nonprofit with a vision for helping Rochester school children. We designed a site to help get their message out there. Currently we're updating the site to track volunteer contact hours with individual students, so that we'll be able to measure our effectiveness.

Richmond Memorial Library

The public library in Batavia, NY was ready for a facelift. We created a new logo for them, with a jazzy looking site, enriched by live feeds of book of the day and a huge set of email newsletters patrons can choose from. The library staff maintains the site themselves.

North Coast Writers

These ladies had a beautiful website designed by a designer new to website work. Problem was, the graphics were very heavy, like a megabyte per page. We were able to cut that to 1/3 of the original level without sacrificing any of the luscious look. And it's more search-engine friendly and handicapped accessible than before.

Cool Rochester

What would happen if 40,000 households reduced their carbon footprint by 10,000 pounds in Rochester?  That would be a billion pounds!  What would it take for that to happen?  A great organization of pro-active folks who believe that if we all work together to encourage each other to take steps, that together we can achieve something important.  The website for makes it possible for people to calculate their carbon footprint, track their progress in reducing it and join teams for friendly "co-opetition".

Project Homeless Connect Rochester

Rochester is joining the movement begun in San Francisco to bring cities together to care for the homeless.  The website for the Rochester chapter will permit volunteers to register and provides a backend database of service providers so the volunteers putting the project together can keep track of who's doing what and who's talking to whom.  We're the new kids on the block, but we think we have the best logo (thanks to Melissa Boyack of Browncroft Creative) and the nicest looking website of all the Project Homeless Connects.

Lucinda's Wood Cake Boxes

Lucinda Ebersole is one of the world's best cooks, and she makes these insanely great cakes. What's her secret? Wood cake boxes. Is she willing to share? She is, on a simple but gorgeous site, all decked out with ecommerce. Send her one of your favorite recipes.

The 2000 Year Road to the Holocaust

We designed the website for this interfaith study course.  Registration was accepted online.  The large faculty for the class can peruse the database to learn about registrant’s backgrounds and experiences.  Readings are available to logged in registrants, as is access to a blog where class members can share thoughts between classes.  Class organizers can email either the faculty or the entire class, and emails carry the logo and design elements of the class, while preserving privacy of email addresses.

Gargoyle Magazine

This literary magazine has been publishing poetry, fiction, art and interviews with writers for many years. We are gradually putting the archives online, with a new format which highlights some of the sensational artwork that has graced its covers over the years.

We've added ecommerce so that all the books and journals can be purchased directly from the website. And we've provided links to Amazon to help readers find out of print volumes.

League of Women Voters

It's a simple site, but it's kept up to date, and we've added online payment for membership, donation and special events. We're happy to support this venerable organization in the Rochester area.

Linear Programming

Retired Professor Doris Grosh had spent years teaching linear programming and had a great set of notes which people always encouraged her to turn into a text-book. She did and she's been selling it on the internet while she looks for a publisher. We designed the site for her.


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