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Getting your “ducks in a row”

These are questions I generally ask at the beginning of a project.

Determining Scope

1. What kind of web site are you looking for?
    - A site that posts static (generally unchanging) information.
    - An e-commerce site where I can sell my product.
    - A site with information that will need to change frequently.
    - A redesign of our current web site.

2. Who is your audience?
   - Young engaged women looking for custom wedding gowns.
   - Baseball memorabilia collectors.
   - School aged children & “parents of” looking for information on peer pressure.

3. Describe your ideal site in 3 or 4 words.
   - Sophisticated, Expensive, Delicious.
   - Caring, Supportive, Nurturing, “Doctor to Patient”.
   - Fun, Child-Oriented, Brightly-Colored, Silly.
   - Professional, Financial, Intelligent, Stable.

4. What information (text and photos) do you have already for your site?
   - Text, but no photos.
   -  A logo your nephew designed
   - Product Shots, but we could use some on-location pics, no text.
   - Text, but it's awful.
   - Photos, from about 20 years ago. Partial text.

If you prefer, you can write your own copy and take your own photos. We also have some highly skilled photographers and copywriters who can do the job for you.

5. What is your budget?
Please don't be afraid of this question. If I know your budget in advance, I can be sure to get you the “most” for your money.

If what you are looking for will cost less than what you have budgeted, I will let you know. I may suggest things you might want to add to your site-plan that will enhance your site. Or suggest that your left-over budget be saved for promotional use or a nice mini-vacation. ;-)

In a situation when your site goals exceed your planned budget, I can work with you to implement a phased plan of development. While you may not be able to include e-commerce from day one, having a simple online product catalog first would still be complimentary to your final goal.


I'll need all of this from you before we can get very far.

1. Find 3 web sites that you love the design, or elements of the design. List URL & tell briefly what you like about each. Include a site who's type size you find comfortable to read.

2. Find 3 web sites of your "competition" (if applicable). List URLs.

3. Do you have any “pet peeves” in design?
   - I hate those flash files that take forever to load
   - I don't like lime green.
   - Dear God- do NOT put little yellow ducks on my web page!


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